GROWUAE is located in Sharjah and Dubai. Furthermore we have cooperation and associated partners in UK, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Our only "raison d'être" is to secure you and/or your business to reach more succes, a higher potential, better turn over or a better life. We are "mental trainers" and coaches, we are businessmen and entrepreneurs - we are your copilots.

We help you get the results, primary, by the right people, by coaching, training, coordinating and management... But in all we do - we use creativity and disruptional thinking, to get better results tomorrow than we did yesterday!


GROWU.AE is managed by partners, but the success and daily business is formed and brought to life by our consultants and our customers.

In a cooperation with GROWU.AE, you as a customer will be a part of your own project team, that besides you includes a project assistant and a dedicated consultant/partner from GROWU.AE - Together that's the key stone of the success for you and your business.

Contact us today for a meeting with one of our partners, so we can start growing your succes tomorrow!



Ready to leave a mark? Contact us!

Tel: +971 (0) 588 087 264

Tel, DK: +45 77 347 300

JBN Coaching & Consulting Group FZE

P.O. Box 514709
Sharjah - UAE

Email: mih@jbndubai.com

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