Disruptional thinking & development

Using disruption and creative thinking as a way to boost you goals and potential, is a very effective way in development, both for teams, in sales, in strategy and in business in general.

By using creativity and disruption as the angle in coaching and sparring - we connects thoughts and 360 degrees considerations to secure an even stronger concept, project and/or business case, where both you and eg, the rest of a team is active players and contributors.

We can deliver both single coaching and sparring sessions, but we prefer and recommend to use the disruptional thinking process in a longer effort and project.

A process/project could look as followed, over a 6-8 weeks period:

  • 2 coaching/sparring seminars/sessions at 3 hours (one in week 1, and one in last week)

  • 2 workshops at 5 hours with you and the team, within 3-5 weeks

  • 3-4 follow ups through skype, botim or phone.

Price: AED 16.995,-

Further sessions:

  • Coaching/sparring sessions (3 hours): AED 2.995,-

  • Workshop/seminar (5 hours): AED 5.995,-

*If in addition to a 6-8 week process, you will get 50% discount on the sessions/seminars added.

All services is excl. VAT and transportation etc.


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