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GROWU.AE Expat Recruitment & Headhunting is the official partner in the MENA region for SAM International - executive search and headhunting. We work under the name SAM International UAE (www.sam-int.ae), as well as ScanCruit DMCC (www.scancruit.ae), where the local based headhunters and recruiters in Dubai are placed. Through the rest of SAM International we cover more than 17 countries - including all of Scandinavia, most of Europe and China.

We do the search & selection, the promotion and the recruitment process, including DiSC profiling, tests, interviews and can help with the onboarding process as well.

We have over 10 years of experience within recruitment and headhunting, and over 3 years of intensive experience within onboarding and relocation from Scandinavia to UAE.

Do you need a candidate for a position, please don't hesitate to contact us, and are you a candidate looking for an expat job - you are welcome as well.

Our prices is highly competitive, and we aim for the best result, and gives a candidate guarantee as well. 

So no matter where you are located, where your candidate must be placed, or where the company is based - we are your partner within Executive Search & Headhunting.


Ready to leave a mark? Contact us!

UAE: +971 588 087 264
DK: +45 77 347 300


ScanCruit DMCC
SAM International UAE

Tiffany Tower 1106, JLT
Dubai - UAE

Email: expatjobs@growu.ae

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